Het Speeldorp Bunnik: een gastvrij kinderdagverblijf

Pastoor Heggelaan 2
3981 GJ Bunnik
030 – 65 73 357 
030 – 67 021 71 (klantencontact)
LRK nummer: 155447671
  • Openingstijden

    Maandag t/m vrijdag van 7.30 tot 18.30 uur.

  • Inspectierapporten GGD

    Extra informatie over onze locatie kunt u lezen in het laatste inspectierapport van de GGD

Day-care center Het Speeldorp – Bunnik: a hospitable kindergarten

Your child is in good hands at Kinderopvang Het Speeldorp in Bunnik. Our team of energetic pedagogical staff receives everyone with open arms. The hospitality and familiar atmosphere that prevail at children’s day-care center Het Speeldorp Bunnik make children feel at home quickly.

We organise plenty of activities inside our indoor spaces, but what is more fun than playing outside? As soon as the weather is good, we all go outside. We have a challenging green outdoor space, with a separate baby meadow, a unique garden for toddlers and a traffic square where children can learn how to cycle.

Currently, we have three parallel groups. Het Speeldorp Bunnik is the only kindergarten in Bunnik with a 3+ group, where children are being prepared for primary school in a stimulating way. We ensure that the exciting transition from kindergarten to primary school runs smoothly.

Just like the other locations, our day care center in Bunnik has an active parent committee that represents the interests of all children and parents at Het Speeldorp. 

Reasons enough to choose Het Speeldorp Bunnik as your kindergarten. Would you like to come and see our location? Make an appointment for a guided tour by calling our Customer Contact Department (030) 670 21 71.

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