Het Speeldorp Soest: kinderopvang waar uw kind zichzelf mag zijn

Driehoeksweg 18
3768 EP Soest
035 – 60 276 02
030 – 67 021 71 (klantencontact)
LRK nummer: 223575525
  • Openingstijden

    Maandag t/m vrijdag van 7.30 tot 18.30 uur.

  • Inspectierapporten GGD

    Extra informatie over onze locatie kunt u lezen in het laatste inspectierapport van de GGD

Het Speeldorp Soest: childcare where your child can be himself/herself

Kinderopvang Het Speeldorp Soest has two large and bright indoor play areas where children can enjoy themselves. Playing with cars, painting, crafting or being read aloud: what will it be today? We organize fun activities and games all year round to entertain the children, but also let children go their own way.

Currently, we receive two vertical groups at our nursery. With this small-scale design, we distinguish ourselves from other kindergartens in Soest. We receive children between 0 and 4 years old. A conscious choice, because the younger children can learn from the toddlers. Within our nursery there is plenty to do and learn, but as soon as the weather is good, we all go outside!

Come and have a look at Kinderopvang Het Speeldorp. During our tour we will gladly answer all your questions and show our location. Do you want to request a tour? Then call the Customer Contact Department (030) 670 21 71.

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