Het Speeldorp Utrecht Leidsche Rijn Terwijde: kinderdagopvang met een ontspannen sfeer

Musicallaan 94
3543 BT Utrecht
030 – 67 04 387
030 – 67 021 71 (klantencontact)
LRK nummer: 113827192
  • Openingstijden

    Maandag t/m vrijdag van 7.30 tot 18.30 uur.

  • Inspectierapporten GGD

    Extra informatie over onze locatie kunt u lezen in het laatste inspectierapport van de GGD

Het Speeldorp Utrecht Terwijde: daycare in a relaxed atmosphere

In the middle of the new Leidsche Rijn district in Utrecht, you will find Kinderopvang Het Speeldorp Terwijde. Our involved pedagogical staff are ready to take care of your child and to give them a great day. The relaxed atmosphere that prevails at our childcare allows children to feel at ease quickly.

Kinderopvang The Speeldorp Terwijde has a spacious building with lots of natural light. Thanks to the large windows, the children are not closed off from the outside world. They can look outside and discover what is happening in the neighborhood. We also have a nice outdoor space. Thanks to our large indoor playroom and long corridors, the little ones will not get bored!

Childcare for smooth transition to primary school
In addition to facilitating three vertical groups, we also receive a toddler group. Here, children over the age of three are being prepared at the primary school, in order to make the transition to primary education more accessible. Our day nursery is also located near a library and next to a primary school, which makes the transition to primary education even easier. The Speeldorp Terwijde is easily accessible both by car and by public transport. Utrecht Terwijde station is within walking distance of our nursery. You can park in front of the door and there is also enough space to store bicycles.

Have you just moved to Leidsche Rijn? Het Speeldorp Terwijde is a suitable daycare for your child (ren). Come and visit us for a tour! We will be happy to show you our location. You can make an appointment by calling the Customer Contact department: (030) 670 21 71.

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