Het Speeldorp Tuinwijk/Dikkie Dik: knusse kinderdagopvang in Utrechtse woonwijk

B.F. Suermanstraat 21/A
3515 XK Utrecht
030 – 27 60 402
030 – 67 021 71 (klantencontact)
LRK nummer: 114182929
  • Openingstijden

    Maandag t/m vrijdag van 7.45 tot 18.15 uur.

  • Inspectierapporten GGD

    Extra informatie over onze locatie kunt u lezen in het laatste inspectierapport Dikkie Dik van de GGD

Het Speeldorp Tuinwijk / Dikkie Dik: day care center in Utrecht residential area

Our cozy nursery is located in the middle of the quiet 1920’s neighborhood Tuinwijk, not far from the center of Utrecht. Het Speeldorp Tuinwijk / Dikkie Dik is a small-scale kindergarten, but children have plenty of room to play here. Moreover, our employees always know how to organize the best activities.

Currently, our childcare consists of two vertical groups where children from 0 to 4 years old are accommodated. In this way, children not only learn to take each other into account and care for each other, but also learn from each other. Of course, the activities are adjusted according to the age and learning level of the children.

Does Kinderopvang Het Speeldorp Tuinwijk / Dikkie Dik look like a nice day-care center for your child(ren)? Then come along for a tour! We are happy to show you our kindergarten. To make an appointment you can call the Customer Contact Department (030) 670 21 71.

Currently there is a waiting list for daycare on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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